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We offer a wide range of solar lighting solutions with our own quality LED lighting fixtures. Our integrated solar lighting solutions includes the lighting pole,brackets, LED Luminaire, Complete Solar system, enclosures and brackets, as well as other optional accessories such as motion-sensors, real-time clocks and custom relay options to get the most out of your solar light.

Our Solar Poles range also includes the all in one integrated solar lighting & the wrapped PV pole with embedded Lithium-ion energy storage.


Lighting of roads, walkways, parks, fences, remote and temporary areas.Advantage of Solar lighting.


  • Cost of electrical infrastructure – conduit, wire, power distribution etc.offset a solar light.
  • Eliminates power bill.

Safety & Performance

  • Uniform street lighting.
  • Each unit is autonomous.
  • Distributed light, no single point of failure.
  • Emergency Lighting.


  • No CO2 emitted for lighting.
  • Powered by renewable energy.
  • No disruption of environmentally sensitive areas with trenching and wiring.

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